UPDATED: News from Calontir Spring Crown Tourney 2015

Corrected and updated due to the exigencies of typing with my thumbs:

Sir Xerxes and Mistress Baroness BelAnna de Rouge de Anjou are Calontir’s newest Prince and Princess. Huzzah!

In other news from Crown:

Sir Duncan of Skeene, Kingdom Earl Marshal announce that he is seeking applicants for two Regional Deputies and Kingdom Archer General.

Andromir and Tola Rufusdottir announced there will be an auction at Kingdom A&S to benefit the Falcon Fund.

Baron Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason of Lonely Tower stepped down, and was made a Baron of the Court.

Guillaume de la Sudeterre was offered membership in the Order of the Laurel. Vigil and ceremony will be announced later.


Crown Tournament Information From King Anton and Queen Isabeau

From Facebook, via HE Issabell St. Charles.


All combatants and consorts wishing to compete in Our Crown Tournament should have their Letter of Intent submitted to the Crown and Their Seneschal by March 14th. Letters should contain a list of events attended in the past year, mundane identification, and SCA membership information.

There is a link to the necessary email addresses on the Kingdom website homepage.

List of Entrants for TRM Agamemnon & Gwen’s Crown Tournament

From HG Phaedra, via the Calonlist:

Duke Joseph Angus Wilson of Clan Gunn for Duchess Phaedra filia Roberti
Duke Anton Rhaghelan for Duchess Isabeau de Beauxyeaux
Herzog Hirsch Ross Eichmann for Hertogin Magdalena vander Meere
Count Damien MacGavin for Contesse Issabell Saint Charles
Sir Duncan mac Torquill for Countess Fionna nic Alisdair
Sir Angus of Blackmoor for Mistress Diana nic Luthais MacLean
Sir Riik of Flatrock for Her Excellency Ermosindra de Ystra
Riddari Halvgrimr Aðálraðarson for Mistress Gabriella von Fredrichstahl
Sir Caius Equitius Rectus Xerxis for Her Excellency BelAnna de Rouge de Anjou
His Lordship Pepin of Forgotten Sea for Lady Cecilia de Gatisbury
His Lordship Jawhar ibn Akmel for Mistress Ishmala bint Yuhannah
His Lordship Killian O’Connaill for Mistress Rebecca Beaumont
His Lordship Cai Dubhghlas for Lady Sameera
His Lordship ValdrickR inn Danski for Lady Inga in danski
His Lordship Cearr Mac Brendan for Lady Nghuala Ingen Ui Fallamhaim
His Lordship Hildibrandr Tjúguskegg for  Lady Alessandra De Piro
His Lordship Tariq ibn Akmel for Her Ladyship Jaida de Leon
Lord Zachariah Lochrie for Lady Aine nic Tailleur